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He doesn't have an arse to swoon over

Just seen this comment on Some Mothers Do Ave Em blog and have to agree ;)


[The new] Dr Who strode about outside by our table looking all floppy haired and distracted on his cell phone. He's not David Tennant, is he? He certainly doesn't have an arse to swoon over in my opinion, that's for sure.

Let's hope there's lots of Tennant arse to drool over in the last specials especially in the brown suit ;p. 

RIP Guy of Gisborne

NOOOOOoooooo!  They've killed Guy of Gisborne :-((((((((   Well it looks like it's the end of Robin too, but it's Guy I'll miss IF there's another series. 

Roll on the next series of Spooks so I can get my Richard Armitage fix ;-)

Happy Birthday Luv

It was my husband's birthday yesterday so he took the day off work. We went for a walk in some nearby woods in the afternoon to look for White Admiral and Silver Washed Fritillary butterflies. We saw  IIRC 4 Silver Washed Fritillaries and 1 White Admiral, but couldn't get any pics as it was warm with spells of sunshine, so they were quite flightly. There were also the more common ones of Speckled Wood and Ringlet, which we saw several of and I got a couple of pics of Ringlet. I also managed to get a pic of a Large Copper and we saw one Painted Lady. Our son came over with his girlfriend at tea-time and we all went out for a roast meal at a local pub, which finished off fhe day nicely.  He also sorted out a problem with Outlook Express on our old computer :)

Shopping and Father's Day

We went to Southampton on Saturday to see Star Trek at the cinema, after a meal first.  We also did a bit of shopping before all this at Lush and Waterstones. I bought, among other lushious bits, several pieces of Ooh La La soaps while they still had some, as it's now discontinued and it's Phil's fave. It's strange that he loves using that with all the lavender in while he hates the smell of pure lavender oil.  I bought Phil a book about Moths, with great photos in, for his birthday on Monday.  We both enjoyed the movie and it was so much better than the follow-on Star Trek movies of yesteryear.  We both queried afterwards how the Romulan ship and crew had jumped forward in time -  either it wasn't explained or explained so briefly that we missed it.  As Phil said, maybe they borrowed the TARDIS ;) 

It was Father's Day here in the UK yesterday and Phil got a card with toy cars and chequered flags on it. Quite approriate as it was F1 at Silverstone today which we both watched.  We only got into F1 after our son came back from uni hooked on it coz his flatmates watched it.  He never was interested beforehand, although for years he did have one wall with racing cars wallpaper in his bedroom, purely because he couldn't find anything else he liked at 9 years old!

Catching up

We had fun in London at the JB concert and although the same songs etc, it was better than Bournemouth. Saw Bernard Cribbins (who plays Wilf, Donna's Gramps in Dr Who) waiting in the corridor. Fab seats right at the front side of the stage and only 3 rows up, much better than last Thursday's.  Saw Scott (JB's partner) running back round the outside the RAH as we made our way back to the hotel. Tried to find Torchwood playing cards in London, no joy.  Will have to order online and send my pal hers.

I've been ill since 4th June with a bad cold, so loads to catch up on.   Still enjoying Richard Armitage (sigh!) as Guy of Gisborne and feeling envious of those attending ComicCon in San Deigo as David Tennant (huge sigh!) is going.  They've nearly finished filming Hamlet so got that to look forward too later this year - I'm guessing towards or around Christmas on BBC2,  with the DVD to follow :D

Got loads of beading to catch up on too.  I don't want the 2 bracelets I started at our Great British Bead Show to become yet more UFOs.

John Barrowman concert

I went to see John Barrowman in concert in Bournemouth last night with my pal from LA, who arrived to stay with me at lunchtime, and who got the tickets for us both ;D  It was wonderful, laughed so much at John's naughtiness but what a wonderful voice for the type of songs he sings.  If you wanted an evening to forget all the problems (MPs expenses excepted, since JB had comments on those!) this was it folks.  Also on stage was Daniel Boys and I was impressed at the range and in parts depth and richness of his voice, which I don't remember noticing so much on Any Dream Will Do.  Maybe that is shown off better in a large concert hall, rather than in a tv studio. Now for the last night of the tour in London at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday :D

North and South being repeated

I'm really looking forward to seeing this again, just started being repeated on BBC4 at 7 pm tonight, as it features another fave actor of mine, the gorgeous Richard Armitage, who's currently playing Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood.  He's also in another fave series of mine, Spooks, as Lucas.

Happy Birthday Pierce!

Starting my journal with a huge Happy Birthday to the guy who's been making my heart beat faster since 1983. Pierce Brosnan, who's 56 today, was Remington Steele when I first saw him waaaay back then.  

                                                 Remington Steele